Candy Buffet Supplies for your event candy buffet.

Candy Buffet Scoops and Supplies for Your Candy Buffet!

Whether you are on the hunt for candy buffet jars and containers or candy scoops or just the candy, color, size, materials DO MATTER. A candy buffet is a sweet treat but also EYE CANDY as well. If your candy buffet is 100% white, the presentation will get lost in all the white-ness. Maybe an accent color to go with all the white? Hummmmm..... Take a look around our Candy Scoops, Jars, Bags, and Accessories.

Candy buffets can be all colors or all one color.  Your choice.

Candy Buffet Jars or Containers

"Old Fashion Candy Jar", "Apothecary Jars", or "Mason Jars". Does it need to be a container? Can it be acrylic instead of glass? What about an upside down lamp shade? There are all kinds of "candy containers" out there, just invision something that would work for your candy buffet. Mix it up.

Think of your candy scoops the same way. If you are having a colorful event, what about shovel scoops? or a Rainbow Scoop? Size and handle length plays a huge part. Not only does the candy scoop need to fit your candy container, but also the hand and candy scoop needs to fit your candy container. If your using apothecary candy jars that are tall, how about a candy ladle to scoop out the sweet candies?

Purchase Buffet Candy:

There are so many to choose from. Do you shop by color? Do you shop by flavors? What about candy you ate as a kid. How many pounds should you buy? How much candy does one person eat? Will there be alot of children at your event? Should I stick to chocolate or hard candies? Would gummy worms be gross? Is it weird to have a candy buffet and a cake? Visit our FAQ page:

Candy buffets are not only for candy! Salty items go GREAT with candy buffets. Also keep in mind your guests. Some might not want candy or can not have alot of sweets. Fresh fruit balls, pretzels, nuts, chips, chex mix, cheeses will make your candy buffet sing.

Does your candy buffet table look, ah, shall we say, empty? Add framed photos, flowers, candles, lamps, rocks, beads, floral glass stones, glitter to the table top. Lighting plays a huge role in "ambinace" if your venue does not allow candles, then flamless candles work great. White xmas lights under the table cloth adds depth to your candy buffet table and putting candy jars and containers on risers give the "illusion" of more candy.
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